Hi, I'm Jamie the creator, host & producer of the Talking dad uk podcast. 

Talking dad uk is the podcast where we discuss all things dad. Talking fatherhood, mental / physical health and lifestyle. The aim of the podcast is to encourage men & dads to talk more. Through me talking to the podcast guests about a wide range of topics covering all things dad, mental & physical health, lifestyle and hobbies or just general stories from interesting people hopefully this helps to encourage others to talk or at least lets you know that many of the stresses / struggles & triumphs of daily life are similar for many of us.  


I thought about putting something together to help create a community for dads around 2016 when my first son was born but at that time i was unsure of the format to use and did not commit to the time needed to do so but fast forward to 2021 when expecting our second child and i decided to go for it - I thought podcasting would be a great way to speak with like minded people, re-connect with some old friends and meet some new people - learning as we go.  

 The conversation is open to all and i hope that through the podcast we can create a resource library so that whether you are expecting your first child or your eldest is all grown up, other dads can listen and take something away from our conversations. 


Thanks for reading, listening & being apart of the Talking dad uk community.  

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